• How much is the cost your services?

    The cost of services depends on: the amount of work required for your project; complexity of the task; in what of point become a project at the time of applying to specialists. Depending on the type of service, the cost can be determined by different methods, both from the definition of the cost of the hourly hours of the involved specialists, and from the success of the task - success fee.

  • Do you give me a guarantee to solve the problem on my favor?

    The current legislation of Ukraine directly prohibits a lawyer to provide guarantees of the success of the client's case. At the very least it is unprofessional to provide such guarantees. Our guarantee: quality, professionalism, experience, client orientation, efficiency. If you are looking for a reliable shoulder rather than "air locks", then you are our client!

  • Can you somehow drown to court to put my case at a convenient time for me?

    The judicial system of Ukraine has an automated document circulation, which carries out the automatic distribution of cases that are appointed in accordance with internal processes in a particular court. Taking into account the load of the courts, the judge, having received the case on the result of the distribution, assigns the date, place and time in accordance with his schedule of congestion. Impact on judges is prohibited by law.

  • Can you make all necessary actions "yesterday"?

    Yes, we can. The client can count on the shortest terms of his tasks. We strive to provide our customers with the best service, our reputation and name are important to us. Anyway the client should understand the objectivity of the solution of such issues.